One-on-one Service

 Accredited Ideal Protein Health Professionals 

 Dedicated Support & Weekly Follow-up 

 Weight & Measurement Progress Analysis 

 Learn Valuable Nutrition Information to Keep the Pounds Off. 

 Lose 3 to 7 lbs. per Week 

 Primarily Promotes Fat Loss 

 Helps to Maintain Muscle Mass 

 Tones and Revitalizes Skin 

 Supports Cellulite Reduction 

 Promotes Vitality and Energy 

 Naturally Suppresses Appetite 

 Re-establishes Pancreatic Function (Insulin) 

The Ideal Protein Weight Loss Phases

Phase 1.   To be followed until 90% of your weight loss goal is achieved.

               (3 ideal protein packets per day) 

     + Vegetables 

     + Unlimited Lettuce 

     + Additional Protein of your choice 


    Breakfast: Ideal Protein Crispy Cereal

    Lunch: Ideal Protein Mushroom Soup with Vegetables & Lettuce

    Supper: Chicken Breast with Vegetables & Lettuce

    Night-time snack: Ideal Protein Peach Mango Drink

Phase 2.   To be followed until your weight loss goal is achieved. (min 2 weeks)

          (2 Ideal Protein packets per day) 

           + vegetables 

           +unlimited lettuce 

         +additional protein of your choice 

Phase 3.   14-Day gradual reintroduction of healthy carbohydrates, fats in the morning only


  You’ve achieved your weight loss goal!

Phase 4. Maintenance.

 Keeping it off for Life!





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